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Another year of pure Stoke! We are back with a new amazing cooperation with Lucas Tozzi a well known Andalusian Photographer!
We have also upgraded the envelope with practical lashes.

Have you ever wished to have an exact overview when, where and what you have surfed? A compilation about the predominat winds or swells? This calendar is dedicated to all of our passionated & stoked friends around this pretty existing and wonderful blue globe!

That simple!

Gathering all facts together in 118 pages may help you to see a progress in your surfing. Maybe your level in the waves you surf are increasing, or wind- & tide facts will help you to guide the spot you explore. – This year we adapted new facts, so you won´t miss anything that might influence the spot you have surfed!

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DIN A5 (148,5 x 210mm)
118 Pages
Paper, white,
uncoated, 100g/m2

Price 25.00 € / incl. 21% tax